Colorless Tsukuru Book Covers

I was hanging out with some friends in a small book store in Kyoto last week when I saw this volume of Pen Magazine. The art of book cover designs.

book design Pen Magazine


It was genius, even though the Japanese was far above my reading level.   I found myself gazing at the different covers of a translated book, each cover specifically designed for a different country, a reading audience with an image of the world transcribed by unique cultural identities and colored by a symbolism unique to the people who live and speak in a different language.  Fantastic.

Below I’ve complied, less artistically, one of the topics covered in this magazine–the covers of Colorless Tsukuru by Haruki Murakami.  What do you think they say about the people, the audiences’ perceptions of the world?


Japan / China / Canada-USA

Finland / Random House Publisher – with personalizable cover /  Dutch

Germany / Norway / Poland



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