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Poetry Rejuvination

Sorry for the period of leave, but I had a novel and the beginning of university classes to attend to.   On the up-side, I’ve been working on poetry again and have new experiments underway.

Poem - Fear Living

Out of Context – Day 29


“What are you?  You still haven’t answered since I asked you the first time,” she said.

“How could I answer?  Not even I know,” he said.


*** Writer’s Notes***

I might not have produced a lot of words today, but I’m working on strengthening the bonds between my characters.  Some amount of confrontation resulted.  Fun, fun!

Out of Context Selection – Day 27


“Lovely to see you.  I was just trying to secure your release.”

“Lies,” she said.


***Writer’s Notes***

I like to make some of the characters speak the way I do, hence the one word sentence.  It’s probably rather Japanese of me to reply to something that would usually require more of an explicit elaboration with just one word.  Either way, fun dialogue times!