Thriller Restaurant

Volume 18

Thriller Restaurant

The Opening of Cell Phone Restaurant by Matsutani Miyoko

In the Lobby by Matsutani Miyoko

The Haunted House’s Black Rotary Phone by Mochizuki Masako

The Ringtone Playing Car by Takatsu Mihoko

The Computer Cursed by Oiwasan by Matsutani Miyoko

Email from Beyond the Grave by Mochizuki Shinzaburo

Attacchi! by Kenmochi Hiroko

The Lonely Old Woman by Ozawa Kiyoko


Volume 32

Death God Restaurant

The Opening of Death God Restaurant by Matsutani Miyoko

A Field of Flowers in the Lobby by Matsutani Miyoko

The Death God’s Old Shoes by Kenmochi Hiroko

The Returned Spirit by Mochizuki Shinzaburo


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