In the Lobby

Thriller Restaurant Series – Volume 18

In the Lobby

By Matsutani Miyoko

In the LobbyWhen I open the door, there’s a small lobby. Even though it’s called “Cell Phone Restaurant” the entryway isn’t bustling. A glass box is attached to one wall and a small cell phone sits high on a shelf.  The other walls are completely covered with, well, what do you call them? Um, you connect them to cell phones. I think they’re called cell phone straps. There’s a poster on the wall.

If there is a charm you want to attach to your cell phone, please help yourself. If you have an old one you don’t need, leave it here.

I see. Because I don’t have a cell phone, I just look at them and think that there are a lot here. Dogs, cats, dolls, demons, ogres, angels, bells, apples, and bananas hang on the wall. I wonder what memories each holds. The ones hung on this wall were once bought by people, but are here because they became unwanted.

“Oh, I like this one,” I say, taking it.  I hope it will bring me happiness. A good smell wafts out from the restaurant. Well, I’ll go in.


*Translator’s Notes*
This is the second story in volume 18. It`s less than 200 words long, so it`s an example of Japanese flash fiction written with children as the target audience. To flash fans out there– what do you think of this Japanese flash compared to Western flash you’ve read?
Also, I want to thank my friend Anastasia for solving the grammar puzzle of this story: まわりの、かべというかべに、。。。 as “the other walls are completely covered with….”.

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