A Field of Flowers in the Lobby

Thriller Restaurant Series – Volume  32

A Field of Flowers in the Lobby

By Matsutani Miyoko

When we opened the door and walked into the restaurant we were surprised to find ourselves standing in a large field of blooming flowers.  

“Wow, this is beautiful,” I said.

The restaurant owner, no, the fairy tale author said, “It is nice, isn’t it.  When people die, they come to a place like this.”

“What!  Have I died?”

“I’m not dead!”  My mother and I exclaimed.

“Pardon my phrasing—this is only a scene like that of one you’d find in the afterlife.  I was once on the brink of death.  At that moment I found myself standing in a beautiful field full of flowers.  It was so stunning and I felt wonderful, and while I was walking around my mother appeared on the other side of the field.  With a scary look on her face she said, “Don’t come!  You’re not allowed to be here.”

“Suddenly, I realized in was in a hospital room.  Never before had I imagined that being dead might be that peaceful.  When I met the death god in my backyard, it wasn’t scary either.  Still…”

DoorI thought after death there was a silent, dark place, but his image was completely different.  I thought we wandered aimlessly in some ruined, devastated place with nothing to do. 

“Civilization continues advancing, but we must not create a world where terrible, unnatural deaths are caused by bombs and explosions.  I can’t imagine the kinds of deaths being laid out for humans by the deaths gods sprung from those ashes …”

The owner led us to the next door.

“I want death gods to be able to eat delicious food and savor the sensations of being alive.  Ah, that’s a contradiction, isn’t it.  Please try to understand. This way to the restaurant.”


***Translator’s Note***

Sometimes I genuinely loathe the existence of words that authors decide to write in katakana for, it seems, no reason. 

Curse you ムジュン !

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