The following are words one wouldn’t typically find in a dictionary, as some have only been uttered by the people with whom I converse with and who quite enjoy finding new ways to express ideas.



Word Chasm (n)

Similar to speaking in tongues, when a person uses phrases and chooses words which seemingly have little connection with each other. This is often the moment of conception of new word patterns.


Ghosty (adj)

Unnaturally pale or ill-looking.  “You look ghosty today.”


Ghost (v)

1. Flickering, fading nature.  “The lights are ghosting.”

2. To pretend to do something. “He ghosted the guitar strings instead of strumming.”


Laughing Fit (n)

When nothing is funny at all, but something sets a person off to start laughing uncontrollably.  The laughter is all-encompassing and unable to stop when the person laughing really wishes nothing else but for it to end. In this regard it is like a seizure. A laughing fit is usually accompanied by uncontrollable laughing reflexes including scrunched eyes, shaking shoulders, sharp intake of breath, or tears. The most sincere feeling that accompanies a laughing fit is often extreme embarrassment of the laugher due to the onset of one in typically an inappropriate situation. Oh the joys!


Accost (v)

To approach bodily: “The beggar accosted me for money.”

My recent use of accost: “I don’t want to accost everyone (the Japanese teachers) with English.”

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